Autophix Australia is based in Melbourne, Victoria. A passion for automotive and 4wd and a career in the industry for over 20 years has led company director Trevor Ryan to make fault finding for your vehicle an easy DIY task.

“I was caught in the middle of Australia and my car went into limp mode. I had no way of checking what was wrong”

After having a major vehicle malfunction in the middle of Australia with no easy tool to diagnose the problem, Trev went on a quest to bring a DIY diagnostic tool to the Australian Automotive industry.
The Autophix Australia range of OBDII scanning tools has now made this a reality. With a variety of features available, there is a unit to suit all experience levels. From wireless Bluetooth scanners to fully-fledged workshop grade units, our product range will have a model to suit you.

OBDII Frequently Asked Questions


Who Needs an OBDII Scanner?

  • People travelling around Australia
  • People Caravanning
  • People who travel to remote area’s
  • 4x4 Enthusiast’s
  • Fleet owners/Hire Companies/Taxi Companies
  • Sales Rep’s
  • DIY Home Mechanics
  • Anyone who owns a car

What does an OBD2 Scanner do?

  • Autophix OBD2 Scanners scan through all available ECU protocols in most vehicles built after 1996
  • Autophix OBD2 Scanners allow drivers the ability to self-diagnose vehicle issues
  • Autophix OBDII Scanners allow drivers to look up error codes, with some models having a live library to look up error code description
  • All Autophix Scanners give drivers the ability to clear codes to stay on the move.
  • The Bluetooth 3210 has almost 30 protocols available all from a well-designed APP
  • Universal Scanners models work across all brands of cars
  • Diagnostic scanners target brands and give far better diagnostic reporting

The Benefits of owning an Autophix OBD2 Scanner

  • Autophix OBD2 scanners are your mechanical insurance policy to keep you on the move
  • Autophix OBD2 Clears Error codes that cause engine lights and LIMP modes
  • Eliminate LIMP mode situations
  • Clearing Error codes can allow you to continue your travel to a professional repairer
  • Save on remote towing bills
  • Save on potential costly mechanical repairs
  • Owning an Autophix scanner allows you to learn more about your vehicle.
  • Most Autophix OBD2 scanners allows you to look up error code descriptions
  • The Bluetooth 3210 Allows you to customise the APP dashboard to your preference
  • Autophix OBD2 scanners test and check the performance of your vehicle