Hello, I’m Trevor Ryan I’m the founder of Autophix Australia. Back in 2019 at the SEMA Automotive expo in Las Vegas I discovered Autophix OBD2/DTC Scanners at first, I walked right past the further away I walked the more I thought we all need an OBD2 scanner in our cars.  As a traveller and adventurer, I thought about all the Grey Nomads, Travelers, People exploring our amazing Outback and my own experiences.  I could see there is an absolute opportunity to help people right across Australia whether it be Travelling, Home mechanic or Work shop it’s important to know how our cars and 4×4’s are performing.

In 2017 while traveling through the Australian Outback our 4×4 had a severe breakdown leaving us stranded for 10 hours on the side of the road. We carried a Sat phone; this certainly saved the day however if I had an OBD2 Scanner I could have diagnosed my vehicle and potentially cleared the error codes and travelled on.  With the modern computers in our vehicles Error lights, Engine lights the slightest malfunction sets them off including your vehicle going into limp mode.

A quality Autophix OBD2 diagnostic scanner can clear most codes and even tell you what is wrong with your vehicle and in most cases get you on your way or at least get you to a repairer.

After our 2017 vehicle melt down, I knew I needed something carried in my car to analyse not only the performance of my car but something to clear those error codes as they arise. I remember we were traveling to Queensland in January 2018 from Victoria, our 4×4 went into LIMP MODE in Grafton, it was hot and we were stuck, our trusty OBD2 scanner I borrowed was sensational clearing all codes several times allowing us to get to Brisbane to have a professional repair our car, I became a OBD2 believer and feel every traveller should carry a scanner.

Autophix is one of the leading OBD2 manufacturers in the world and has become the most popular OBD11 Code Reader and Diagnostic scan tools in both Europe and the USA.  Autophix has 11 different models with more coming that have different features to suit every possibility from the budget DIY user right through to the Professional workshop models that cover every vehicle right through to Rolls Royce.

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