Please Note: OBD2 Vehicle Guidelines
• Vehicles sold in Australia and New Zealand 2006 and Newer
• Works on all 1996 & newer sold in North America - (cars, minivans, suv’s, and light trucks both foreign and domestic)
• Vehicles sold in Europe: 2001 and Newer for petrol vehicles, 2004 and Newer for diesel
• Vehicles sold in other countries check vehicles manual to ensure OBD2 Compliance


The Popular Outback 9000 is our most popular model particularly for those travelling remotely.

The Outback 9000 not only gives the Error codes on your vehicle it gives you the CAUSE of the issue.

This puts you in control with knowledge and the ability to self-diagnose the simplest issues, resolve and clear codes.

Every traveler should carry a quality OBD2 Scanner.

DIY – Plug n Play